February 24, 2011

Club Street!!

hello again...
this is a stack of photos from my husband and I travel to singapore some time ago..
that time we were walking in china town.. and we found Club Street!!
yes, that's name of the street :)
we saw stores and cafe along the street..
and there seems every store has a unique concept and really really awesome :D
Our fave! white house, white windows! truly inspiring..
unfortunately, most of them are not open yet :(
i love this! very cute!!
look at the lock! is'n that cool? :D
the end! it is me, who wore jeanny shoes and polka bag..



  1. waa seruuu...bagus foto2nya :) aku suka blognya, simple tapi cantik :D btw pake kamera apa? keren hasilnya

  2. love that moment mbun... hope someday when we visiting, those shops on club street are open..

  3. ..thanks ya Luchie :)
    embun pake kamera poket Canon.. :p

  4. btw mbak.. pake cam poket aja bagus gini.. gmana kalo slr, beautiful pictures, good moment and talented hands u have ^_*

  5. ..ah Deya bisaaa aja... makasih yaa... :D
    oh iya tuh, paper doily-nya bikin gemess..
    adaa aja idenya.. hehe

  6. sangaat suka hiks hiks ngirii,,,
    salam kenal embuun :D

  7. ..salam kenal jugaa Naajmi.. :)
    tadi saya sudah mampir ke blog mu :D

  8. love your blog embun, inspiring! salam kenal :)

    please visit my vintage little shop www.mooie-shop.blogspot.com

  9. ..hai chrissensia..
    terimakasih, salam kenal juga yah.. :)
    saya akan segera meluncur ke blog-mu..